I love making blankets!  The patterns are endless and you can make them as small or as large as you want them. They make great gifts for all ages.  I try to keep a few on hand for special occasions or ‘just because’!

My favorite blanket pattern is the Granny Square.  You can make one big square (or rectangle) or you can make a lot of small granny squares and join them to make one large blanket!  It’s also a great way to use up scrap or stash yarn.  The granny square is basically three double crochet that creates clusters.  It’s a wonderful blanket pattern for beginning crocheters. Daisy Cottage Designs has a great Granny Square pattern.

Favorite blanket #2 is the 12 Point Star.  This blanket works up quick and it’s an easy project to take on the go.  The pattern is repetitive and you can also make this blanket as large as you want by continuing to add rounds.  This pattern also primarily double crochet. You can find this pattern here on Ravelry by Celeste Young Designs.

Favorite blanket #3 is the Ripple Pattern by Lucy @Attic24.  This blanket also works up quick, is repetitive and great to take on the go.

Can you tell I like repetitive patterns that work up quick and projects I can take wherever I go?  I love it!!

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