Granny Square Blanket

Simple Granny Square Blanket!

I set a goal in 2020 to use as much of my stash and scrap yarn as possible!  This is my first project towards meeting that goal!

The simple granny square pattern seemed easy enough for this project and I planned to add color in a totally random order.  I started with smaller balls of scrap yarn that I thought would make it around the square, played yarn chicken a couple of times and won!  Partial skeins of stash yarn was used from that point on since the smaller balls of yarn were not enough.

Try weaving in ends as your blanket grows and didn’t leave them all to be done at the end.  My least favorite thing to do is weave in the ends.

One more tip – I turned my blanket each round to keep it from warping 🙂

Goal #1 for 2020 met!  Create a large granny square blanket with stash yarn!  Finished size is 60″x 60″.  I love using yarn from my stash!  It’s like free shopping![the_ad id=”491″]

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