"Rhonda is an expert crocheter with a wealth of knowledge learned by trial and error, hands on determination like no other. She has encouraged me, a self-taught crocheter, to experiment with new techniques and stitches for years. She has taught me how to read simple patterns and always reminds me that she's there when I want to venture out of my comfort zone with harder patterns. I feel very blessed to know her!"
Kathy Crabtree
Crochet Buddy
"Rhonda's meticulous attention to detail is second only to her enthusiastic passion in everything she creates. Always ready for a new challenge, she enjoys pushing herself to learn something new while retaining the knowledge and confidence of what she's already experienced. Her excitement and fervor creates the desire to learn fiber arts even in those who have never shown an interest in the craft before"
Jessica Bouldin
Knitting Buddy
"I learned to crochet years ago when my mother-in-law thought I would enjoy it. Glad she pushed me to learn. I really enjoy it. However there have been several occasions where I've come across instructions that I can't seem to understand. One call or text to my niece, Rhonda, and she makes it so easy! She has done so many unique things for us at Christmas and gifts for all seasons for her mom that I am just in awe of her talent to make it seem so easy. I look forward to seeing what she'll do next!! She has definitely inspired me to pick up the needles again!"
Linda Redford